Second Degree Reiki Workshop

This workshop provides a key developmental step to a deeper understanding of Reiki, widens the Reiki channel, and will include:

An introduction to Second Degree Reiki and a review of experiences since First Degree.

An in depth look at the Reiki Principles, introduced in First Degree, and how they integrate into our lives.

A Second Degree Attunement which significantly increases the amount of Reiki Channelled

Introduction of the first three Reiki Symbols:

The origin, usage, and Mantras of :

  • The Power Symbol
  • The Mental and Emotional Symbol
  • Distant Symbol.

Learn how to integrate the Symbols to enhance and focus treatments.

Distant Reiki Healing

The Five Levels of Byosen, Scanning and exercises to enhance sensitivity.

Exploring and developing you Second Degree Reiki skills:

  • Psychic Awareness, Abilities and Protection
  • Psychic Surgery

Professional Practitioner Requirements.

Client Treatment Preparation and Protocol

The Workshop will once again provide a mix of informal discussion, fun practical exercises and of course lots and lots of Reiki!

The two day workshop is priced at £ 250 and includes all refreshments and meals. (Credit cards are accepted)

A certificate is issued upon completion.

Workshop venue:

4 Havering Close, Sandown Park Tunbridge Wells Kent TN2 4XW

For further information please contact Jeremy Sweetman.