First Degree Reiki Workshop

Reiki is a wonderfully intuitive hands on Healing technique that works gently on the Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual aspects of your life. if you have been experiencing Reiki and are interested in learning more about the practice the first step is the First Degree two day workshop. Here are some more details:

This course introduces you to Reiki.  You will be attuned so you can access the Reiki Energy and be provided with a practical insight into incorporating  Reiki into your life. You will be able to treat yourself, family and friends.

The First Degree workshop content will include:

What Reiki is and how it works.
Reiki history, lineage and development.
The Reiki Principles.
The Chakras and Aura
Body Wisdom .. listening and understanding the messages our body  sends us.
Hand positions for self treatment and for treating others.

Practical sessions and informal discussions throughout the workshop.

You will receive the First Degree Attunements, a manual of the information covered and a Certificate upon completion.
I will be teaching with  Fellow Reiki Master Teacher, Lisa Porter, and we look forward to welcoming you.

The courses  run from  at 10 am to 4.30 pm on each day and  includes lunch on both days and all refreshments.
The course is priced at £ 150 per student. (credit cards are accepted)

Workshop Venue:
4 Havering Close, Sandown Park Tunbridge Wells TN2 4XW