Third Degree Reiki, Master, Workshop

This workshop provides a definitive step on your own personal path to enlightenment and will include:

An introduction to Third Degree Reiki and a review of experiences of Second degree.

A study of the Usui Shiki Ryoho/ Usui Tibetan Reiki and the Reiki Lineage.

What it means to strive to become a Reiki Master and a further look at how the Reiki Principles guide you.

A Third Degree Attunement to fully open the Reiki Channel

Aspects of Consciousness:

  • The Sub Conscious
  • The Conscious Self
  • The Higher Self

Introduction of the Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master Symbols, their Mantras and usage.

The Usui Master Symbol

The Tibetan Master Symbol

The Usui Fire Serpant

The Tibetan Fire Serpant

Learn and practice the Attunement process to facilitate regular Self full attunement .

Significant time is allowed to explore and discuss all aspects of this course and one’s personal journey.

The Workshop will once again provide a mix of informal discussion, practical exercises and of course lots of Reiki!

The two day workshop is priced at £ 350 and includes all refreshments and meals.

A certificate is issued upon completion.

Workshop venue:

4 Havering Close, Sandown Park Tunbridge Wells Kent TN2 4XW

(Credit cards are accepted) 

For further information please contact Jeremy Sweetman. 07766 399 553