Getting Healthy, Staying Healthy, in Mind Body and Spirit

A Reiki Treatment can be a boost to your system and lift your spirits. It can make you feel better in yourself and can be a preventative Complimentary Therapy which promotes a positive outlook.

For some the path to fitness from illness stress and trauma can be difficult with a multitude of elements which need to be addressed.

So how do we tackle it?

A holistic approach to the whole self.
The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.
Prolonged stress can lead to the development of physical symptoms or exhaustion, and the feeling of just not be able to cope with all the challenges life presents.
Often we need to look deeper into ourselves to find underlying emotional and mental issues which may be stored from years ago in our subconscious but still effect how we feel today, and our state of health.
This is where Reiki can help to gently release and deal with these issues, at a pace you can handle, so you can move on with your life, gain a greater prospective so that difficult personal decisions and situations can be viewed with clarity and tackled with greater confidence.
It’s all about getting to a better place and staying there. Once you feel better your body and mind can heal better.
Reiki treatments have to be experienced to fully appreciate the benefits which build over time. Slowly and gently the layers of deeper set issues are peeled back and released.
You reach a calm inner space with deep relaxation and sensations of warmth, tingling or seeing colours as the Reiki energy flows through your system. Its intuitive….. it goes where it is needed most!
The holistic treatment approach restores balance so you feel better and have the courage to cope with whatever life throws at you.
Reiki Treatments promote health and wellbeing and help to keep you on top of life.

Jeremy Sweetman
Reiki Master Practitioner in Tunbridge Wells