Can Reiki help me?

The Benefits of Reiki.. Is it for you?

Reiki is very much a personal experience at all stages of life and the best way to understand it is to experience a treatment, the feeling it creates during a session, and how you feel in the subsequent days.
It treats the whole person balancing mind body and spirit and encourages the body to heal its self by bringing our energy centres called Chakras into balance.


Reiki can promote clarity and focus of thought. Harmonise and balance your whole system and help keep you healthy energised and happy.

lady-arms-outHow often should I have a treatment?

This will vary according to the individual and the acuteness of the problem and can be initially weekly with appointment gaps stretched as progress is felt. Ultimately this is left to your discretion as clients tend to know intuitively when another treatment is needed.

Common diseases and symptoms treated

Stress; anxiety; depression; grief; exhaustion
Something we all have to come through at various times. Reiki encourages a more motivated and positive outlook.
Problems are viewed from a more objective prospective and clients report a greater ability to come through challenging times as they no longer feel that the issues of concern are overwhelming.

Digestive problems; headaches

Long term stress can manifest itself with a range of uncomfortable physical symptoms and Reiki can gently treat the underlying cause in a gradual and progressive way.

Serious illness and chronic disease

Regular sessions over a period of time can provide comfort and support for people with long standing and serious illnesses.