“Reiki” Healing In Sickness and in Health.

Well yes Reiki Healing Treatments can be really beneficial at all stages of life. Even if you think you’re ok.

As we progress through life we deal with emotional and stress situations which we park or push away as we deal with them. These appear to fade but can still be there even if we don’t think they are and can progressively impact on your wellbeing.

These can eventually build up and just when you don’t expect to you start to feel unwell, frustrated with aspects of your life and a using energy to cope with the negative emotions which wear you down leading to fatigue and other physical manifestations.

How to break the cycle?

Reiki can gently and progressively release stress and help banish past emotional scars at a pace that’s intuitive for you.

It works holistically on your whole system balancing and harmonising thus encouraging the body and mind to heal.

The Reiki Healing treatments allow you time to relax and promote a feeling of complete tranquillity. This allows your mind to de clutter and encourages a measure of reflection and objectiveness on personal life situations.

The result: you just feel better. If you feel better and have a more positive outlook life’s challenges are still there but don’t bring you down.

Once you’re in a better place regular treatments can keep you there. The interval between sessions is always an individual intuitive process. You just know when you need a little extra help.

I treat in a calm tranquil setting allowing you time to relax whilst the Reiki gets to work.

I look forward to welcoming you at TW Reiki of Tunbridge Wells.

The Colours Experienced During a Reiki Treatment

A Reiki treatment is always an individual experience and will vary each time you come for a session.

Reiki is an intuitive energy and goes where it is needed on the day and so an individuals need will be different each time they come as they are in a slightly different place or situation. It works on the whole self-balancing and harmonising as required on the day.

An aspect of a Reiki Treatment is often the clients’ experience of seeing varying colours whilst deeply relaxed.

The colours themselves are an indication that you are letting go and aware of the energy flowing through your body. These colours relate to the” Chakras” which are the energy centres of the body.

There are 7 ”Chakras”, and they each have an associated colour. Here’s the colour card and just a few indications of what the colours experienced can relate to:

Crown:        Violet:    Spiritual Consciousness; Detachment from problems and stress

Third eye:     Indigo:     (Intuition; Wisdom; Vision)

Throat :        Sky Blue:   (Communication, Self-expression)

Heart:           Green:     (Feelings, emotions)

Solar Plexus: Yellow:  (Action; Purpose; Personal power and control)

Sacral:           Orange:   (Relationship to self and others)

Base :             Red:    (Stability; Security; Survival)

These “Chakras” also relate to differing areas of the physical body and to a range of conditions that can be helped. I will cover these in a later article.

So when these colours are experienced it can indicate an area either physical or emotional which is relevant to the client on that day.

Seeing colours whilst in treatment is a tranquil and harmonious experience and adds to the deeply relaxing aspect of Reiki.

I look forward to welcoming you to experiencing Reiki and its benefits for stress, emotional turmoil, fatigue, insomnia or just a need to feel refreshed and recharged with added courage to face the challenges that life throws at you.

Jeremy Sweetman

Reiki Master Practitioner

T W Reiki

07766 399553

Reiki : A Business and Personal Tool to help Achieve your Life Goals

 Reiki, which is a gentle non-intrusive hands on healing technique which originated in Japan can be your “Personal Assistant”

Reiki and Business, you may not associate the two straight away but they can go hand in hand.

Reiki can help you feel better, sleep better, give you an energy boost recharging your batteries when you feel that they are blinking red.

It can help stop the mind chatter that often decides to switch on just when you trying to get to sleep. Promote clarity of mind focus, and facilitate decisions that seem difficult and challenging from both a business and personal viewpoint by helping you step back and look at things from a more objective viewpoint.

It’s all about you.

You have to run your business, a home, a family life and meet all the incumbent challenges Physical, Mental and Emotional.

Reiki acts gently but deeply and treatments not only help with the all of the above but give you some “You time” and “You space” a deeply relaxing experience that promotes a sense of complete harmony and tranquillity.

What’s not to like?

Jeremy Sweetman

Reiki Master Practitioner in Tunbridge Wells,

07766 399 553