A Reiki Treatment

A Reiki Treatment is gentle and non-intrusive. There is no manipulation or pressure applied.

You lie on your back on a comfortable treatment couch with a cushion under your knees, a pillow for your head and a soft blanket provided for you comfort.

The therapist gently places hands lightly on or above the body.


What do l do during a treatment? What should l expect?

  • You will be asked to remove your shoes, watch and metal jewellery
  • The aim is to relax and enjoy the treatment. Talking or asking questions during the treatment is an individual matter
  • Allow your mental mind to release all thoughts and fears so that you can focus on the present experience
  • Set hand positions are used to work with the chakras (energy centres in the body) or areas of specific pain
  • Soft, relaxing music is played
  • You may experience a shift of consciousness which is an important part of the healing process
  • Client confidentiality is always respected

How does this feel?

  • You feel very relaxed as the energy flows through your body and may fall asleep
  • You may experience Reiki energy as great warmth, tingling or colours
  • You may feel peaceful or emotional as old patterns surface

lillyAfter a treatment?

  • Your aura is swept
  • You may feel energised, relaxed and peaceful
  • It is recommended that your drink 2 litres (8 glasses) of water a day for 3 days: this helps flush out toxins
  • Each treatment is different as Reiki tailors the flow of energy to best suit your needs on the day

Treatments last one hour and are priced at £30.  Credit and Debit Cards are accepted.