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Reiki : A Business and Personal Tool to help Achieve your Life Goals

 Reiki, which is a gentle non-intrusive hands on healing technique which originated in Japan can be your “Personal Assistant”

Reiki and Business, you may not associate the two straight away but they can go hand in hand.

Reiki can help you feel better, sleep better, give you an energy boost recharging your batteries when you feel that they are blinking red.

It can help stop the mind chatter that often decides to switch on just when you trying to get to sleep. Promote clarity of mind focus, and facilitate decisions that seem difficult and challenging from both a business and personal viewpoint by helping you step back and look at things from a more objective viewpoint.

It’s all about you.

You have to run your business, a home, a family life and meet all the incumbent challenges Physical, Mental and Emotional.

Reiki acts gently but deeply and treatments not only help with the all of the above but give you some “You time” and “You space” a deeply relaxing experience that promotes a sense of complete harmony and tranquillity.

What’s not to like?

Jeremy Sweetman

Reiki Master Practitioner in Tunbridge Wells,

07766 399 553